Olga Flirty Bra, a great fit at a great price

The promise of a good fitting bra seems to be an ideal that is hard to realize. There are so many companies that are creating bras and they tend to fit so terribly. I am not even talking about what one can find at local flea markets and dollar stores, either. Even at a number of typical mall stores, the quality of bras, their sizing, and overall durability vary considerably. I did not hold out much in the way of hope to actually find a bra that would fit me when I received Olga’s Flirty Bra in the mail a few weeks ago. The thing that struck me immediately was how well-crafted the bra was. There seems to be a substantiveness to the Flirty Bra that simply is not present when one looks at other similarly priced bras. This is a product that can stand up to repeat wearing; it is sized perfectly rather than requiring me to go through band sizes and cup measurements. Continue reading “Olga Flirty Bra, a great fit at a great price”

Reebok Women’s ZPump 2.0; staying strong months in

We wanted to give a pair of Reeboks a good, long trial; over the last year, we’ve been able to analyze every step, workout, and other activity we have done with these shoes in mind. The women’s ZPump 2.0 shoe by Reebok is a solid effort in a number of ways. The weight of the shoe is balanced perfectly on the foot, while the eyelets are placed in a way that the shoe will not slip around on the foot. The inclusion of the moisture-managing mesh allows for comfort in a wide array of climes; this design allows for moisture to evaporate while keeping feet at a proper temperature. The balance of comfort and fit is done well on this effort from Reebok. Even on my longer runs, there is a relaxed feel that comforts more than it constricts. Continue reading “Reebok Women’s ZPump 2.0; staying strong months in”

Mano Rechargeable Prostate Massager

We were lucky enough to receive a package from Maia Toys. The Mano Rechargeable Prostate Massager is waterproof and made from resilient, medical-grade silicone. The cleaning process for the device is tremendously easy, ensuring that the product will not need to be out of the rotation for any extended length of time. The size of the Mano is formidable enough to keep veteran prostate players interested, while small enough to not intimidate or otherwise frighten those that may be new to anal activity. Continue reading “Mano Rechargeable Prostate Massager”

Heinz and C Space want your opinions

This is a sponsored post. I received a promotional item as a thank you for participating.

Are your children picky eaters or begging to switch things up? Each day provides a new challenge when it comes to keeping bellies full and happy. Kraft Heinz cares about the effort you put into making meals for your family and would like your help inspiring new products. Continue reading “Heinz and C Space want your opinions”

Dipper by Dipstick Vapes

The Dipper from Dipstick Vapes is a tremendously easy to use concentrate and dry herb vaporizer. The battery charges up quickly and stays charged for a number of uses. The kit includes the vaporizer alongside all of the tools that you’ll need (micro-USB cable to charge, a cleaning swab, 2 vapor tip atomizer and a quartz crystal atomizer. The build quality of the Dipper is top-notch, feeling substantive in a hand while being able to absorb drops and dings without having its functionality impacted. The vaporizer provides solid amounts of vapor and provides purchasers with three distinct temperature settings. Each of the parts of the Dipper vaporizer is able to be removed, making the cleaning process a snap; we were a fan of how deep and detailed the cleaning process could be. When a major concern of other vaporizers has to be the dirt, grime, and gunk that reside out of reach, having this modularity is fantastic. Continue reading “Dipper by Dipstick Vapes”

Eight Simple Steps to Retrain Your Body to Digest Wheat Again

In a recent report, 70-80 percent of Americans are experiencing some form of digestive distress, while one-third are obese and more than 100 million adults are pre-diabetic and don’t know it. While many like to blame all of this on wheat, many food scientists do not agree. Continue reading “Eight Simple Steps to Retrain Your Body to Digest Wheat Again”

Davinci IQ Vaporizer Top of the Class

We have reviewed a number of different vaporizers over the years, and there has been a wide range of build qualities, functions, and inclusions. While the DaVinci Ascent was one of our favorites a few years back, we just received the company’s latest product, the IQ. The ability to have a replaceable battery (the IQ uses the 18650) is not a function that we have previously seen, but DaVinci’s desire to increase the customization of their device is unparalleled. The different temperatures at which one can place the IQ at speaks to the different breakdowns in plant material. By moving away from the one size fits all approach, DaVinci has specifically addressed one of our key issues with vaporizers as a whole. Continue reading “Davinci IQ Vaporizer Top of the Class”

Bobo’s Oat Bars

We have received quite a number of different protein and other health-related bars over the course of our five or six years for the health and fitness section at NeuFutur. A great many of them just thought to add chocolate or other sweet elements into the mix to go and mask some of the more natural flavors that present themselves. Bobo’s Oat Bbars looks to take a different tack, providing filling efforts that have a distinctive flavor profile. Continue reading “Bobo’s Oat Bars”

Boost by Dr. Dabber Vaporizer

The major issues that one will have when they are looking to purchase a vaporizer that deals with concentrate is that a great many of them take up a ton of room. When you have a limited amount of space or when discretion is a concern, the Boost vaporizer by Dr. Dabber should be your go-to device. The simplicity and ease of the device is such that even those that may not have had much experience with vaporizers in the past will be able to load, utilize and be able to reap the benefits of the device. Continue reading “Boost by Dr. Dabber Vaporizer”

Clif Bar – Nut Butter Filled

Clif Bars are one of our go-to snacks when it comes to trips and other outings and it always seems as if the company creates new varieties on the regular. We’ve had some amazing variants in terms of their pumpkin bars from a few years back but we’re a little trepidation when it came to their new Nut Butter Filled bars. In fact we weren’t sold on the new products when we first cracked in to their chocolate peanut butter variant. It wasn’t until our second time when we started to see the products for what they were, namely that these are a slightly healthier type of no-bake cookies. Continue reading “Clif Bar – Nut Butter Filled”