Ayhan Sahin Interview

Today, we are talking with Ayhan Sahin, who owns Young Pals Music. How is life and the label treating you this week?

Everything is great! We are excited about the beginning of summer with lots of musical activities at our label. The most exciting one being the new dance promotion we are starting for the Randy Jones’ single “Hard Times.” More than 6 internationally acclaimed DJs contributed their take of the song for this campaign, and we are hoping to get good club play for each remix. Secondly, my single “Where Is Your Heart?” from the same album project “Pop” is out. My partner Bernadette O’Reilly and I are very proud of this song, regarding it as one of the best works I have yet done. On a separate note, we are planning to launch the music video for last year’s singles “Drink” and “Since You’ve Been Gone” followed by the music video for “Where Is Your Heart?” Last but not least, we will release a new version of Anita Ward’s “Another Bad Mistake” during the summer. Continue reading “Ayhan Sahin Interview”

Anita Ward comes out strong in 2016

For fans of disco and early dance music, the name Anita Ward will bring fond memories. Ward’s Ring My Bell was a massive hit in 1979 and still garners radio play. Not content with the fame brought by Ring My Bell (and Don’t Drop My Love after that), Ward released her Another Big Mistake. This 2016 single showcases Anita staying true to her roots with a bold, bouncy beat and inimitable vocals. Continue reading “Anita Ward comes out strong in 2016”