Sitting Down with Perth’s Simon Kelly

Hello, Simon. What’s happening musically in Perth in July? 

It is cold and wet this time of year so things slow down a little bit. The weather in Perth is beautiful for most of the year and there is lots of outdoor gigs and festivals but the flip side is that people don’t tend to go out as much during winter. Continue reading “Sitting Down with Perth’s Simon Kelly”

Simon Kelly – The Secret Dreams Of Skeletor Jones

Just A Ride begins The Secret Dreams Of Skeletor Jones in an emotive and expansive way, allowing Simon Kelly ample space to create something unique. The track links together 1990s alternative rock, twee-pop, and a bit of pop to establish something that will take listeners on a memorable journey. A solid production allows the twinkling piano, on-point drums, and alluring vocals the opportunity to shine alone or as a cogent entity. Continue reading “Simon Kelly – The Secret Dreams Of Skeletor Jones”