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Mind Key – Habemus Poland / 2006 MVD / 125 Minutes / /

Mind Key is going to be releasing their new album here in the next few months. How could they get any more publicity before the album is released beyond putting out an amazing live DVD? This 120-plus minute DVD, released jointly by MVD and Metal Mind, shows the allure of this rock band in the live context, both in Warsaw and Katowice. The obvious focal point of this DVD has to be the live show, which features 12 of the bands hits from the past, present, and future of the band.

There are other live videos on this DVD, which gives individuals a better look into the varying sound and skill of the band. Beyond these two chunks of media, there are only minor additional materials for individuals to placate themselves with (including a gallery, biography, and discography). However, the band has charisma enough to make this a must-buy: a track like “Deep Inside” shows that the band takes equal influence from the Winger of “Heart of the Young” and the harder hitting progressive traditional that is directly responsible for acts like Dragonforce. The harmonies do not limit themselves to the instrumental side of the band, with the vocals struggling for dominance. As is the case with all MVD and Metal Mind DVDs, the footage is strong, the camera placement solid. By going so deeply into niche genres such as Mind Key’s take on the progressive genre, MVD is really giving fans an easy way to go forth and find new acts. I know that before picking up “Habemus Poland”, I had no idea of who the band was or what they were trying to do with their music.

“Memory Calling” shows that the stable of influences is large and varied for Mind Key; the track has a very Queen-like sound to it, while “Lord of the Flies” brings the metal back front and center. Mind Key is an act that will rightfully get more publicity as individual pick up this DVD. Kudos to Metal Mind and MVD for putting this out, and I know that I will keep my ear to the ground when it comes to releases from these two imprints. Check out Mind Key if you are a fan of theatric live performances and a current progressive sound that is not afraid to show its influences. Well worth the sticker price, “Habemus Poland” is one of the better rock DVDs of the year.

Rating: 7.1/10

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