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Shshsh Shark Attack – S/T /  2006 Self / 8 Tracks / / 

I guess I should not be surprised, but Shshsh Shark Attack play a brand of surf music that is linked to the more chaotic sound of an act like Men’s Recovery Project and to also the goth music of the late eighties and early nineties. Their first track on their self-titled album is “Burmuda Triangle” (yes, misspelled), and it showcases this style. The band seems to struggle with a problem of repetition from the onset of this album, as the song is about three and a half minutes long while the band (if they are lucky) has two minutes of material present. The second track on the disc is “Oh my God, oh my God, I Can’t Believe I’m Alive”, and this provides listeners with a second possible sound by Shshsh Shark Attack.

The framework still draws heavily on the surf tradition, but the slower, more deliberate tempo created by the band has more in common with the psychedelic style of a Doors than anything else. Furthermore, the shorter runtime of “Oh my God” allows the band to remove the repetitious sound that plagued them during the introductory track. Shshsh Shark Attack go back to a longer track with “Great White”, but seem to have learned from the mistakes of “Burmuda Triangle”. “Great White” is stronger due to the fact that the track continually shifts tempos, overall styles, and arrangements throughout its’ entire runtime.

Even though the band started off this album in a very weak state, the efforts by Shshsh Shark Attack on the tracks immediately following “Burmuda Triangle” may just be enough to draw listeners back. The controlled chaos that is crafted throughout “Great White” puts the band at the strongest position that they have been, and “Town Gets New Road” actually will get individuals excited. The vocals are a little hard to hear at points (though this might be a problem with the production rather than the band themselves), but the guitar puts forth an effort that could be the equal of a White Stripes line. The band could do a lot worse on their self-titled debut. There is a diamond in the rough quality to Shshsh Shark Attack, and if the act was able to refine their sound for a few years before releasing a full length, I have no doubt that they could wow listeners. Wait until 2008-2009 before checking out Shshsh Shark Attack.

Top Tracks: Town Gets New Road, Waves

Rating: 4.7/10

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