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Strange Mike Steel / 2005 Mouse Chew / $3 / 32M / [email protected] /

Strange Mike Steel is a comic that feels as if it came out about thirty years ago. Philip is extremely influenced by this earlier style, but is able to tell a story without really going into the more fanciful story-telling styles of the stories of the era. The first page starts out with an interesting note, that a story will be “seen in flashback in a later issue”, but seems to build a solid story despite that. The story is very text based, and while there uis not much in the way of action covered in each panel, the story goes by at a pretty solid clip. The style breaks down into its’ constituent parts if individuals focus on it, as if Philip does not finish up the pieces of art that create this issue. The different batches of characters provide some variation to the flow of this issue, and showcase the storytelling abilities oh Phil. It seems at pints that the different stories will not be reconciled, but individuals feel as if they are one step closer to understanding the overall point of Strange Mike Steel. The only things that I would not mind done with subsequent issues of this comic would be a little firming up of the art and continued work in the universe that Phil has created for the characters in this issue. Give this issue a go if you like the artistic style of the seventies and an interesting, off-the-wall story; this issue seems like a great place to start.

Rating: 7.0/10

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