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Houston Calls Interview Conducted 10/05
Houston Calls Interview Conducted 10/05 by Jeremy and James
After playing an exhaustive show at the Grog Shop in Cleveland, Ohio, Josh (Drums), Okie (keys/ vox), and Kenny (Guitar) of Houston Calls delivered to us some quality 3 on 2 time. Here’s how the madness played out…

Josh: Welcome to our van by the way!

Jeremy: So, where did the name Houston Calls come from?

Josh: Apollo 13 DVD chapter titles.

Kenny: It’s like calling houston or something.

Jeremy: Have you guys all been friends for awhile?

Josh: They have, but I’m just some faggot from Pennsylvania who knew a guy from Madison on Rushmore, who knew a dude who needed a drummer. He gave me his number, and told me to tryout. Yeah, Kenny was in Hidden in Plain View.

Okie: He was the guitarist on “Operation Cutthroat.”

Kenny: We’ve been playing for like 2 and a half years, but at the same time Jarret and Tom were in the same band together for like 6 or 7 years.

Jeremy: What do you guys think caught the eyes of Drive-Thru Records?

Josh: My dick (laughs all around) NO! I’m just kidding erase that, erase that! (Laughs)

Kenny: Jarret, Tom, and Okie have known them for a long time from their old band, and were on one of Drivethru’s compilations.

Jeremy: How’s the relationship with Drive-Thru Records?

Josh: We’ve known Richard and Stephanie for a long time. We get along with them so well, and we always stay with them if we need to.

Kenny: We had all of our shit stolen at a show, and all of our equipment was insured under their credit.

Josh: Yeah, you see that slime green drum kit? I didn’t pay for it! (Laughs)

Jeremy: When did this happen? Kenny: May 3rd near Atlanta in Smyrna, Georgia.

James: So, you guys were obviously on tour then? Kenny: Yeah, with Adelphi and Self Against City.

James: What did you guys do?

Kenny: Called the cops, filed a report, and flew home.

Josh: Went to Ruby Tuesday’s, got trashed, and the next day me and Okie drove the van, which was started by a screwdriver. (Laughs) Because it was hotwired, and very trashed, so we drove it all the way back home.

Jeremy: So, besides that negative, do you have any good road stories you want to talk about?


Kenny: We have story, upon story. Josh is kind of gay. (All Laugh)

Josh: Yeah I touch sometimes. (All Laugh again)

Jeremy: How old are all of you? Kenny: All of us our 23, except Josh is 19.

Josh: Yeah, I’m not drinking right now. This is King Water! (Laughs)

Jeremy: The new album has elements of hope, love, loss, and heartache. What fueled the lyrical content on A Collection of Short Stories?

Josh: Well, Tom and Okie do the singing, and have by far the most extensive vocabulary of all the band. I ain’t even go to college, Kenny failed out of college, Jarret…I don’t even know what the fuck he does, (Laughs) Okie graduated college, and Tom is so so close to graduating.

Okie: Drawing from personal experiences. Whatever I felt at the time went into the music. Most of it is a self confessional.

Jeremy: Who wrote the song Bob and Bonnie?

Okie: That was Tom’s baby. It’s an homage to his parents, strecthed out a bit.

Jeremy: You sing of pounding Keystones in the song “One More Won’t Hurt.” Is Keystone ass beer, or a tasty treat?

Josh: Keystone is the best cheap beer you can buy! (Laughs) 12 bucks for a case! What it is are rejected Coors cans.

All: Dented cans!!! (Loud Laughs)

Kenny: Keystone’s easier to stomach. If you’re drinking good beer, and you switch to stones then you’re like what the fuck is this? But, if you stay on stones, you’re golden. (Laughs)

James: When you guys found out you’d be on the Amp 3 snow board game, how excited were you?

Josh: I went snowboarding! (Laughs) No, I have to learn!

Kenny: It was one of our goals to get on a video game.

James: Did someone approach you with an offer to be on Amp 3?

Kenny: Actually, a lot of Drive-Thru bands are in the running to be on the game, I don’t think its decided yet?

Okie: (Talking into the recorder) Vote for Houston Calls.

Josh: It’s on the Xbox 360, I haven’t even seen that shit! We need to get one!

Jeremy: What’s your relationship like with the other Drivethru bands?

Kenny: We’re friends with certain bands. Hidden in Plain View, Halifax, Adelphi, Hello Goodbye, Day at the Fare, Socratic, and the Track Record.

Josh: Halifax let us use their drum kit for our music video.

Okie: That was Tom (referring to the phone call he just received.) They need us inside right now to start loading up all the stuff.

Kenny: Any closing notes before we go?

Jeremy: Can we do this word game real quick?

All: Yeah, sure!

Jeremy: I’m going to say a word, and you guys say the first thing that comes to your head.

Jeremy: Touring

Josh: Drinking (Laughs)

Kenny: Dirty

Okie: Telephone

Jeremy: Home

Kenny: Don’t wanna go! (Laughter throughout)

Josh: Clean.

Okie: Booze

Jeremy: Band members.

Josh: Gay! (Laughter throughout)

Okie: Dirty!

Kenny: Assholes.

Jeremy: Love

Okie: Drinking.

Kenny: Heartache

Josh: Sex! (Laughs) I’m so bad!

Jeremy: Radio

Kenny & Josh at the same time: Friendly! (Loud Laughs)

Jeremy: Family

Okie: Guy (Laughs)

Kenny: Friends

Josh: Errrr?

Jeremy: Friends

Okie: Faggots! (Laughing)

Jeremy: Drive-Thru Records

Josh: Awesome!

Kenny: Rushmore.

Okie: Richard and Stephanie.

Jeremy: Fun

Okie: Touring!

Josh: Happy!

Kenny: Josh’s butt! (All laughing)

Jeremy: Life

Kenny: Josh’s butt! (All laughing again)

Okie: Music.

Josh: Music.

Jeremy: Last question! Who would win in a battle…Pirates or Ninjas?

Josh: Ninjas.

Kenny: Ninjas:

Okie: (Pause) …Ninjas! (Laughter)

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