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Supermayer marks first collaborative release from the two legendary techno producers


Every once and a while along comes that record where you can actually hear the ease and delight that the musicians experienced during the process of recording the songs – the union of Kompakt’s most-loved DJs have produced what is, without any doubt, a labor of love and creative leap for both artists that will keep listeners grinning ear-to-ear from beginning to end. Easily the label’s most recognizable faces, Michael Mayer and Superpitcher have formed Supermayer to create Save The World, which certainly is the most sonically diverse album to have ever come from the Kompakt stable. 


Save The World places our two superheroes along the edges of the world of techno-bliss – a trumpet, saxophone, acoustic guitar, melodica, flute, a vast array of percussive instruments and even a gong are just a handful of gizmos Supermayer uses to defeat those electronic purists who refuse to dance.  Not flinching in taking risks, the fearless duo sonically experiment with some indiepop and laidback, lounge-y jams. But worry not, there are enough pounding dance beats, stratospheric synth washes and electrified robot voices in their arsenal to slay even the most stubborn of rhythm-haters.  Supermayer: They’re coming to save your dancefloor by magically moving asses.


Keeping to the superhero theme, Supermayer are vividly brought to life in a comic book insert by renowned Daily Kat/Frankfurter Allgemeine illustrator, Kat Menschik, which will be included with both the CD and gatefold 2XLP.  Save The World hits stores September 25, 2007.


Track Listing

1. Hey!

2. The Art Of Lettting Go

3. Saturndays

4. Superbrain Transmission

5. Us And Them

6. For Luzie

7. The Lonesone King

8. Don’t Let The Sun Catch You Crying

9. Please Sunshine

10. Planet Of The Sick

11. Psychoprogs Attack!

12. Two Of Us (Extended Album Version)

13. Cocktails For Two

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