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MC Homeless Interview (03/07/2007; Conducted by JMcQ)
What are your influences? What was the best show you have ever played?

My main influence is my surroundings. A disgusting fast food culture that keeps me perpetually frustrated. I can’t seem to escape it no matter how many times I try, although I have not given up. Rap is a means to an end, something to take me where I need to be…eventually. Until’ then it’s frustration which I would also call a major influence and source of agony, anxiety, and depression…and did I mention the booze? As far as musical influences, lately it has been Project Blowed and West Coast underground. I like when people can rap fast. Big Daddy Kane got me motivated to pick up the pen as did EPMD, BDP and many others. Public Enemy and Ice-T were major contributors to my start in hip hop as well. I enjoy their frustration as well as the fact that they kick political knowledge. Another huge influence that I can’t forget is DIY punk culture. I don’t hear of many “anarcho rappers”, which kind of bums me out. For my first demo tape, I straight up jacked the Conflict logo and wrote a song about sweatshops. I think only 4 copies exist.

The best show I ever played was with The Coup and Lifesavas. I almost started a riot and called the opening act out for being homophobes and losers which led to a “homophobes leave” chant. They tried to rush the stage but security nabbed them. They later fought each other outside and were arrested. Did I mention that they were juggalos? I don’t know why they were on the bill with The Coup. I’m pretty sure Boots and The Coup caught some of the incident on tape. I kept egging on these assholes and they didn’t like my political edge or stage antics. It just hit a boiling point but hey, I love trouble. I have many other stories similar to this one. People like to try to fight me at my shows sometimes. Luckily I haven’t received an ass kicking yet. I’m not that tough.

When did you start rapping and why did you come upon rap as a musical genre that you wanted to be part of?

I started rapping at the age of 18, same age that Biggie Smalls started his career. I have been a fan of hip hop all my life but turned away from it for a good five years. I like to refer to that as the dark period. When I got back in to hip hop, it seemed right to rap. I used to rap in 3rd grade but I never wrote anything down and honestly, I sucked, but what can you expect? 18 was the right age to get serious which is kind of strange cuz I wasn’t at first. I would just make perverted rhymes for my friends to laugh at or maybe make fun of people and then I realized it was a great outlet to express myself. I didn’t want to be the next Too Short although it seemed like a funny idea at first.

What are the five or so albums that you are listening to a lot lately?

1.Ira Lee and Factor-Cafeteria Food
2.Neila-For Whom The Bells Crow
3.Witch Hunt-As Priorites Decay
4.Existereo-Dirty Deeds and Dead Flowers
5.Joni Mitchell-Blue

…also lots of Tegan and Sara, MF Grimm, OMD, Ceschi, Johnny la Rock and Mushmouth, Kylesa, etc, etc

Are there any plans to go on a tour to support the album?

I plan to do lots of shows in North Carolina then hit up Canada for a tour this Summer. Might have something in the works with Geneva B and Ira Lee. I’m always down to tour though so if any famous people are reading this….I’d really like to open up for Public Enemy or Bright Eyes. Jello Biafra too, that would be nice.

How do your political beliefs factor into your music?

I don’t hide the fact that I am an anarchist (even though I don’t specifically rap about it) and this does affect my daily life and since music is a part of my daily life, it all intertwines. I don’t believe in hierarchies or government. I put cooperation first and foremost but it kind of sucks and I think I can be a hypocrite. Rap is competitive. I hate the saturated market of crap rap and I don’t mean the stuff on the radio, I love Juvenile, I love Three Six Mafia, so what? It’s just, everyone wants to be a rapper but nobody wants to take time and put in the work it takes. I could rant on and on but I’ll end that question here.

When and why will the world end?

2012? I don’t know, honestly. Something will happen in 2012 though. Peak oil is coming. More natural disasters are bound to happen. The water level in the ocean is rising. The polar ice is melting. Fucking polar bears are eating each other. What is going on? I think the world has already ended. This culture is disturbed and sick. Rape, sexual assault, violence against children, the meat industry, wars, greed, police brutality, when will it stop? People need to fight this way of life. As ugly as it gets, I see a beautiful world out there. That is why I am moving closer to the ocean.

How could you see your sound evolving in the next few years? Are there any directions that you’d like to take your music that you haven’t yet?

My next album is heavily trip hop influenced. Portishead is one of my favorite groups of all time. I’d also like to start a successful thrashy punk band and tour that circuit but bands are hard to do. Everyone needs to be dedicated and it never ends up that way.

How do individuals check you out, get in touch with you, or hit you up for CDs/merch? is my website and my email is [email protected] I am always willing to correspond with people and do my best to return all emails.

Any final words?

Emo and hip hop have nothing in common no matter what Spin Magazine says. Also check out they are amazing and down for the cause (and putting out my CD).

Also, never forget the importance of humor.

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