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Frederik Magle – Souffle Le Vent + The Hope / 2007 Self / 2 Tracks / / /

Frederik Magle is rapidly reaching prominence in the field of classical music. This is due to the fact that Magle’s compositions have reached a level of sophistication and skill that have brought him accolades, including having The London Philharmonic, The Danish Radio Sinfonietta, and Nikolaj Znaider play his compositions. However, accolades only go part of the way in explaining the virtuosity and ability put forth by Magle, whether it be his work with music creation, production, or arrangements.

Two compositions of Magle’s that stand out above all others are “Souffle Le Vent” (“Cry of the Winds”) and “The Hope”. “Souffle Le Vent” has a full sound that will blow away listeners; with different elements, be they violins, cellos, or a slew of other instruments, individuals will have to dissect pretty deeply all the different currents of music that Magle inserts into the composition. Furthermore, “The Hope” builds on some of the same elements that were first broached during “Souffle Le Vent”, bringing a sense of commonality to the fore, but a sense of commonality that is linked inexorably with an evolution of styles. Magle will be the main force in classic music in five to ten years – check him out at your earliest convenience. Check out his music downloads today.

Top Track: Souffle Le Vent

Rating: 7.0/10

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