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Water Fai – Girls In The White Dream / 2007 White Shoe / 8 Tracks / / /

I always wondered why it was so hard to get CDs from Japan. It seemed that the prices were exorbitant or the quantity not to be had. The reason why I am musing about this is because Water Fai is from Japan (specifically, from Osaka) and they start out their “Girls In The White Dream” with a sedate bit of indie rock. “To The Green Town” is this introductory track, and it shows immediately that these three are tremendously skilled in making an intricate track, and with arrangements that are intense as all get out, even when the sound is somber and subtle. The band approaches a more tangible type of sound with “You Are The Sun”, with the Spartan approach providing a drum/bass dynamic that is absolutely delicious. There does not need to be much in the way of vocals, due to the skill of each member of the band. However, when the vocals do kick in, the harmonious sound of the vocals add another instrument that then interacts with the guitars and drums already present.

The fifty minutes of this disc will allow listeners to zone out and sail along with the band’s compositions, but there are moments where Water Fai inserts rock influence. “Kaiyon” is one of these tracks; while keeping with the overall sound presented by the disc up to that point, there is a definite edge that further differentiates the band’s range of sound.  Where so many bands need a set of vocals at all points during their album, Water Fai succeed in providing an exclusion to that role. The band creates meandering compositions, but the one thing that is present throughout the EP is the narrative quality imbued each track. The act may not tear up radio charts any time soon, but they play a delightful bit of sedate, indie rock that will keep individuals interested throughout.

Top Track: Kaiyon
Rating: 7.0/10

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