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Loxsly’s 4 song EP Flashlights is interesting to say the least with even more interesting song titles. Lamprey Eels, the first track on the EP is very engaging and takes a lot to really focus on all the little things that are going on which is a common theme throughout. The song has some interesting lyrics and sound which I’ve come to expect from bands like Grandaddy. Chopper, has twice as much going on which I find hard to take in one listen. So as getting me interested enought to listen more then once goes Loxsly you’ve done a great job with this 4 song jab.

Speckeld Eggs is as weird as the title eludes to but at the same time is a charming song that kind of makes me smile and is my favorite off the EP. The finale Virgin Isles, is a mix of the previous three tracks and if you listened up to this point you should find it enjoyable. Expect your super-duper elite Indie friends to be praising Loxsly soon as they’re definably someone to look out for to make a big splash soon, hope your rock and roll hair doesn’t get too messed up.

I give it 6/10

Loxsly – Flashlights (2008)

– Kristopher D. Shepard (

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