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It has been a long time since we have had a chance to cover The Bloody Irish Boys. We had a chance to review and interview them when their CD “Drunk Rock” came out, and we just received the full retail version of their first DVD. Uniting a video component to the cuts of “Drunk Rock”, the first thing that viewers will be able to see with “Drunk Rock” is that Shayne and the rest of the act have crafted videos that really highlight specific phrases, instrumental arrangements, and pieces of the song which the video correspond. The video quality may not be that of an Image Entertainment or an Eagle Rock release, but is still very clear and crisp. Any weaknesses that may be present in the video side of things is more than made up for with the audio, which is crystal clear throughout all of the cuts on the disc.

“Beer Is Good Beer Is Great” is the first video on the DVD, and while it was not released as a single as was “Drunk Rock” and “Enniscorthy in a Bottle”, a poll would show that the vast majority of The Bloody Irish Boys’ fan base would rate the track as their favorite. The video’s strongest point would have to be matching Shayne’s rapid-paced mentioning of a number of different types of beers, a feat that is matched in quality with the splicing in of footage from performances by the band. It is this divided focus of “Beer Is Good Beer Is Great” that shows the two distinct sides of The Bloody Irish Boys.

While there are bits of the band’s personality shown at the ‘party” scene, the tremendous skill and ability of each member of the act is shown during the live scenes. Pulling back to a DVD-level of analysis, the live footage that takes over the video for “Rare Auld Extra Stout” gives fans of the band the ability to see the act live, even as Shayne and the rest of the guys are holed up, at work on their second album. Make sure to pick up a copy of this DVD to gain a new appreciate for The Bloody Irish Boys, pick up their next album when it comes out (perhaps sometime in 2009?), and definitely make sure to see them on the tour that is undoubtedly to follow after that.

Rating: 8.6/10

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