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I grabbed Morning Tide at random this morning (actually afternoon) in a drunken haze of last nights triumphs and failures and found some very relaxing poppy songs. The Little Ones are obviously trained in the art of pop-music taking licks from Pet Shop Boys and bands of that sort. With plenty of synthesizer to fill the fuzzy holes in my ears the sound kind of grows on you like a mold. Morning Tide, the title track, is definitely the stand out track of the album it gives everything The Little Ones have in one song and that’s kind of how it is. After a few more listens and a tad more sobriety there’s only one more song on the album that really has any sort of originality. Rise and Shine is a really, really catchy song and it has an instant hook and is noticeable amongst the eleven tracks The Little Ones put out. If you find yourself looking for some pop songs to sober up to on a Sunday afternoon pick up Morning Tide, grab a cup of coffee and enjoy the beautiful weather outside.

Key Tracks: Morning Tide, Rise & Shine


The Little Ones – Morning Tide

-Kristopher D. Shepard (

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