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The Blue Island Tribe link together a chunky bass line, sizzling horns, and a funky outlook in the creation of a ska rock hybrid that is established as an entirely new entity. This means that the Blue Island Tribe are trying to craft their own sounds rather than merely to gain success through the aping of successful bands’ sounds. This also means that tracks like “Ecstasy” are freaking amazing. No other act that is in the same ballpark as the Blue Island Tribe, whether it be the Mighty Mighty Bosstones, Reel Big Fish, or even 311 could create a sound that is so honest, so fun, and so catchy. Each cut on “The 5 Hits of Ecstasy” is a hit, easily able to scale any college radio or rock chart.

“Down” has a more laid back feeling to it, but the horn’s effort during the opening of the track is deceptive, shining brightly and intensely even as it meanders. “Down”’s chorus will intertwine itself around the minds of anyone that has put on this CD, while the dense instrumental lines present will impress even the most jaded audiophile. “March On” unites the same frenetic energy and thoughtful instrumental arrangements that were heard through the rest of the EP, the rack has a narrative quality present that has not been heard since the early releases by Incubus or even Sublime.

The eclectic nature of Blue Island Tribe, especially present during the aforementioned “March On”, really reminds me of the Red Hot Chili Peppers when that act was at the cusp of becoming famous in the eighties, right before their cover of “Higher Ground” and the release of “Blood Sugar Sex Magik” made them into a household name. While all five tracks on “The 5 Hits of Ecstasy” are amazing on their own right, I would have to suggest that anyone that is interested in experiencing the Blue Island Tribe search out one of their live performances. There is an energy that is present on the EP that I just feel would be amplified in a live setting; pick up the disc, see the band live, and be properly rocked. Blue Island Truibe will be big, I can guarantee I, and if you like any type of rock, ska, or generally good music, this band should be the next you check out.

Top Track: March On

Rating: 9.5/10

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