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“Carolina Free” is a touching song, ensuring that all that listen in to Michael Anthony Milton’s “Follow Your Call” will focus in for the long haul. Nothing more is needed than a sincere set of vocals and a guitar for Milton to spread his message, while the added elements (Drums during “Carolina Free” only make this message more palatable. The slower tempo of “Still My Little Child” is perfect, allowing Milton to imbue the track with special meaning.

Despite the fact that Milton’s vocal harmonies work perfectly with the track, there is something more important that listeners need to see with the song. The message put forth by Milton is the crux of the track, and why individuals will continue on with “Follow Your Call”. Milton puts forth this vocal-focused effort in a period when most music does not have anything in the way of a message: while jarring to some that are inculcated into what is popular, Milton’s style will likely cause listeners to reevaulate their life. The tracks on “Follow Your Call” are cohesive, allowing listeners to effortlessly go between “Only The Word”, “Genealogy”, and “No Response At All”.

The instrumental arrangements on each of the tracks on “Follow Your Call” may be different, moving from bluegrass, rock, country, and countless other genres, but the message is constant and constantly strong. A number of Christian artists may have lost their path through focusing more on the music and the overall package, but Michael Anthony Milton is honest, is earnest, and should be the musician that one touches upon when they want someone to seriously contemplate Christianity. Note, however, that tracks like “Chapel On The Prairie” and “Cattle On A Thousand Hills” can be taken in a purely message-free context and are equally catchy: I found myself singing along with the latter well after the disc ended. “Follow Your Call” is a must buy for anyone that is looking to tune in further to the Christian faith, be they believer or individual looking for more information. Make it a point to pick up this disc and any subsequent releases that Milton may cut in the following years. Also, see when Milton’s next live dates are scheduled: I believe that the message present in these songs will only be stronger in the live context.

Top Tracks: Genealogy, Christ is Risen

Rating: 8.6/10

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