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I must be getting soft in my old age of nineteen. I know what you’re thinking reader, ‘nineteen? psh..’ but in “scene years” I’m as old as dirt and should have dropped out ages ago for a life of courdroy pants and synthesized goodness. Well, I just can’t but after listening to The Pink Spiders latest release sadly but truly I’m getting soft but who would feel all warm and fuzzy inside after listening to this album? Offering up thirteen tracks to pop-rock nation, Sweat It Out is an incredibly well written and played album from begginign to end. And as it says on the cover “thirteen tales of heartbreak and jubilance” couldn’t hit it on the head any better. From the very first chord they had me hooked.

The first track entitled “Busy Signals” had me singing the chorus and bobbing my head to it. But all I can think about is my sister, this is her music something for seventeen-year-old girls to listen to, ank! The second track the one that really hit home with me “Gimmie Chemicals” just has that something to it that people like myself who are chemically addicted can understand. It takes heartbreak to really understand why you love cigarettes so much. But aside from the poppy bliss in the lyrics the band plays like a wolverine at a disco as the vocals deliver in the way that it was meant to sound. As the disc goes furth it only gets deeper and better coming up to “Maria” which is and dare I say it… the hit. This song is so damn good that if I don’t hear it on my radio soon I’ll strangle someone.

The Pink Spiders offer thirteen tracks of pop-rock brilliance making me want to put on my dancing pants that I keep in case of emergency on and shake my ass all over the place. And let me tell you there’s nothing better in this world for heartbreak besides pop, good pop music. This is something that I can listen to with my seventeen-year-old sister and somewhere someone is growing to take my spot and keep the torch burning for years to come, now if you’ll excuse me I gotta dance a little to mend my broken heart.

I give it a 8.5/10
Key Tracks: Gimmie Chemicals, Maria

-Kristopher D. Shepard.

The Pink Spiders – Sweat It Out 2008

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