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Every so often I’m given the opportunity to review a band that has that something special and I usually tout it about that I’ve stumbled upon the next BIG thing. Well this time I’m almost certain that I have. 1090 Club, a four piece from Billings, Montana, sophomore release on SideCho Records titled Natural Selection is as complete as it gets. Over ten tracks 1090 Club completely grabs your attention and doesn’t let go at all. Collaborating with Steve Fisk (Nirvana,Sound Garden, Minus The Bear) on production has brought Natural Selection to a new level as you can hear it stretched over these ten stunning tracks as the mix of obvious natural talent and the know how of Fisk could very well make Natural Selection one of the biggest releases of the year once the bomb drops and the world is exposed to 1090 Club.

With both incredible vocal collaboration and instrumental talent that is able to not only bring the song to a new level but can also bring you back down to Earth, a true spectacle of talent only seen in truly special circumstances. The first track, ITSON, is a great jump off into Natural Selection getting your blood flowing for what you will hear over the ten tracks. Track four,Happiness, would be my sum up track of what 1090 Club is all about as they give it all they got showing off every little piece of the band, truly memorable. Summing the album up with Am Act, a fine farewell to the listener. I’m hard pressed to choose just one song that’s my favorite since each one just does something a little different than the first but keeps things relaxed enough that this roller coaster ride of an album doesn’t seem over the top and forced. Everything just seems to mesh so well and the world is a better place because of it.

After listening to Natural Selection a few times I really can’t seem to hear any flaws that make you go “what the fuck, why’d they do that…” everything has a specific place and moment. From the way the tracks smoothly blend into one another to the talent of the band itself, 1090 Club have that something extra that it takes to get and keep fans of the genre which is usually classified with it’s fickle and sometimes unreasonable listeners (I feign no innocence). Fans of bands ranging from Minus the Bear to Fugazi will find things they love about Natural Selection. It never seems to miss a cue song after song and in the end you come away with something very special and pure, indeed something memorable. So, in conclusion as to not ruin your first listen of this incredible album by giving you every little secret that it keeps, Natural Selection is worth ordering as soon as possible as 1090 Club will definitely become one of your new favorites as they’ve become one of mine.

I give it a 10/10
Key Tracks: All


1090 Club – Natural Selection (Available March 24, 2009)

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  1. Everyone should be checking 1090 Club out, in fact you should all pre-order it and enjoy the bliss that my ears have already received (fuck, i’m listening right now just can’t get it out of my head!)

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