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The Ascent of Money is one of the few DVDs that one can actually watch that provides a fair and balanced perspective into what is currently happening regarding the economy. Where there are a number of different talking heads weighing in on the issue, only Niall Ferguson seems to have a solid head on eir shoulders. The Ascent of Money, adapted from one of Ferguson’s lectures on the circuit, is an incredibly poignant discussion of what the factors were in creating “the perfect storm” that has ravaged the global economic market.

There is a lot in the way of heady discussion present during The Ascent of Money, but Ferguson is able to ensure that viewers understand what is going on and what exactly the greater interconnectedness of society means for the future of economic life on the world stage. I know that we are not a few years out of this crisis, but I have a feeling that what Ferguson describes here in The Ascent of Money will likely be largely true, rather than those futures described by more alarmist individuals on the dial.

PBS has shown that they have their finger on the pulse of society, and instead of focusing on older comedies and less germane issues, that they can have a rapid turnaround and hit as hard as any scholarly journey or news resource. Ferguson’s tapping of some of the greatest current and living financial minds in the some of the best known financial markets gives further credence to the claims that ey makes throughout The Ascent of Money, and allows people the opportunity to familiarize themselves with some current schools of thought. I would recommend this DVD for anyone that wishes to bolster their knowledge about this global financial crisis.

Rating: 8.3/10

The Ascent of Money (DVD) / 2009 PBS / 120 Minutes /

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