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For those that did not watch it when it first aired, Princess Protection Program was a made for television movie that Disney crafted, utilizing the talents of Selena Gomez (Wizards of Waverly Place) and Demi Lovato (Camp Rock). The movie centers around trying to find safety for Princess Rosalinda (Lovato), who is the rightful heir to the throne in Costa Luna. Instead of taking this throne, a usurper takes power and Rosalinda is forced to enter into the Princess Protection Program, which will hopefully ensure eir safety until that point when ey can assume eir rightful role.

Rosalinda is transferred all the way down to Louisiana, where ey shacks up with agent Mason (Tom Verica, American Dreams). After getting settled in, Rosalinda meets Mason’s daughter Carter (Gomez). Rosalinda ultimately begins to take on a much more mundane and normal life than ey had in eir kingdom, even going so far as to attend high school with Carter. The movie is very well paced for a Disney film, and the storyline is such that will keep viewers of all ages tuning in. The scenery is such that there are major distinctions between scenes, ensuring that viewers’ imaginations are able to easily distinguish different locales.

Finally, the music that is present during the film will have viewers singing along; “One and the Same” is a duet that could easily have been on Lovato’s last album, while “The Girl Can’t Help It” (recorded by Mitchel Musso) is destined to be a hit in much the same way. The DVD edition of this film will give viewers even more to chew on; the behind the scenes look at the creative process of Princess Protection Program showcases how hard it is top come up and create such a solid piece of film. Viewers may have watched this movie on Disney when it first aired, but the additional features (including a music video) make this a must buy for anyone that is into Lovato or Gomez’s work.

Rating: 7.5/10

Princess Protection Program (DVD) / 2009 Disney / 89 Minutes /

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