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The great thing with a track like “Get Up Up Up!” is that the track is not necessarily only for the younger set. Obviously, this is what the disc is orientated towards, but the arrangements of the different instruments is fairly interesting and the overall sound of the track is much more full than many other kids’ albums. “A Guitar Pickin’ Chicken” is another kids track, but the track plays on both an earlier bluegrass style and something along the output of a Stephen Lynch.

The next high water track on “A Day At The Farm” has to be “Whoa There Pony!”. This is another track that largely removes itself from the kids context to be enjoyed by older individuals. This is where Farmer Jason / Jason Ringenberg has eir best tracks, most likely due to eir time in acts like The Scorchers. This is not saccharine pabulum for mindless consumption by children; if I had any children, this is more along what I would be playing for them in the car. There are a few tracks where there is something that resembles a skit, but these introductions (as are present during “The Tractor Goes Chug Chug Chug” are short enough that the momentum that Farmer Jason has crafted during this disc is not lost. The repetition of title lines on a number of these tracks may get to be slightly annoying for the old set, but the kids listening to this disc will be able to repeat the chorus without much in the way of problems.

The production of the disc is solid, and allows Farmer Jason to be bolstered up in all of the places where ey is even the slightest bit weak. The tracks would never be present on normal radio, but for any of those stations that play kids’ music, “A Day At The Farm” has more than its fair share of singles. The style of music that Farmer Jason plays and the level of talent in which ey plays each track is high enough that disc after disc of this persona could be created without it seeming as if Farmer Jason is just spinning eir wheels. For anyone that has a young child, the disc is a great alternative to the sappy or otherwise obnoxious Disney songs that have little allure compared to what “A Day At The Farm” brings to the table. Pick it up.

Top Tracks: Whoa There Pony!, Corny Corn

Rating: 6.8/10

Farmer Jason – A Day At The Farm With Farmer Jason / 2006 Rhino / 11 Tracks / / Reviewed 25 October 2006


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