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It just strikes me that a number of IPAs have not been done right in the slightest. The bitterness that I have experienced form some of these efforts nearly put me off to the style, but Avery has done much with their IPA to bring me back into the flock. Upon pouring this beer, there is a clearish gold tint to the beer itself, while the inviting foam of the head pours pretty lightly. I know that I still will prefer a darker beer whenever it is placed in front of me, but there are a number of reasons why individuals that are wishing to experience a great IPA should pick up a sixer of Avery’s contribution to the style.

Individuals will be immediately hit by the hoppy nature of the beer, which tie together more floral with gin types of notes. The bite of these hops is moderated with a malty flavor that links together chocolate and caramel, ensuring that those that are newer to the style can still appreciate it, rather than being blasted out of the water. The IPA finishes with a lightness that matches well the balance between bitter and malty, all while setting individuals well for their second (or third/fourth/fifth) beer. Go to your local, well-stocked beer store and see exactly what the hubbub is all about.

Rating: 7.5/10

India Pale Ale (6.30% ABV) / Avery Brewing Co /

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