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“The Perfect Pitch” is the first track on “10 Movies”, and it is exactly what is needed for Schleusolz to properly introduce themselves and their music to those that may not be familiar with them up to this point. The bold horn-like synthesizer that is present on this track is confident, and acts like a movie’s introduction. With a pacing and an arrangement that has been influenced by classical music, Schleusolz has a tremendous opener on their hands. “Nights at 4am” blends together this classical sound with a more electronic one, creating a sound that feels like a more up to date Tangerine Dream or Wendy Carlos. The act is able to create compelling instrumental tracks that have a narrative weaved throughout, allowing Schleusolz to keep listeners’ attention throughout the entirety of the disc.

“This is the Time” showcases another facet of Schleusolz, in that the band approximates a night outside the stars with little more than electronic arrangements. The haunting synthesizer lines here are the winds just as one can hear the crickets chirping and other ambient noise to fill out the mental image. When the percussion kicks in, the track takes a completely different bent that makes the track’s five minute run time seem positively short. “200 and Counting” has a more dark and mechanical feel to it, as Schleusolz adds a guitar line that gives additional grim and grit. While there are some disparate approaches and styles to be had on “10 Movies”, Schleusolz is an act that ties in certain commonalities to all songs here. The same desire to make their compositions dense and detailed is present here, meaning that listeners will have to give each of the album’s 12 cuts a few listens before properly understanding the band’s angle.

The electronic, instrumental type of music that the act comes out with here may not be what is currently popular on radio, but the care in which these tracks were created should act like a beacon for those fans of all forms of music. So, if this music sounds like it is something you can get into, make sure to pick up “10 Movies” when it hits markets on July 13th.

Top Tracks: The Perfect Pitch, 200 and Counting

Rating: 8.6/10

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