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True Blood has to be one of the most talked-about shows of this new decade, and this is for good reason. Where a number of vampire-themed shows and television shows have been hokey or more intended for a juvenile case, True Blood injects all the drama, sex, and violence that the genre demands. True Blood’s second season is able to succeed due to tremendous arcs and storytelling that were laid down in the first season, all while fleshing the character base out and ratcheting things up to eleven for this second season.

The sharpness of the video capture on this Blu-Ray is absolutely stunning. I know that the episodes were filmed with the utmost care, but it feels as if HBO Has really stepped their game up in their home video department. This is coupled with the fact that there are a tremendous amount of additional features that one can enjoy on this Blu-Ray set. The Flashback/Flash Forward option may be the most intriguing, as it showcases the importance of certain scenes as they impact other pieces of the show.

The context given these scenes may be different than how viewers have previously contextualized them, while the character perspectives feature allows individuals to more fully understand the motivations of each of the members of the main cast. The slick commercials/information provides here by the different sects further give viewers additional information that they may not have had previously. Moving a little further away from the actual storyline, there are a few different featurettes that showcase exactly how much work goes into the creation of each episode. For example, the audio commentaries that are present, tapping the minds of stars and crew alike (Stephen Moyer, Rutina Wesley, and Sam Trammell among others).

Make sure to pick up both seasons of True Blood to properly get an idea where the show is going, while make plans to watch the premiere of the third season on June 13th. The show has at least two seasons left for it (and likely more), and if HBO can put the same amount of love into this box set as it will for the third season (which will drop sometime in 2011, methinks), there should be little reason why individuals shouldn’t put it on preorder when those go active.

Rating: 8.0/10

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