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Kamileon has been on the music scene for a number of years, but seems to avoid the trap of coming froth strongly and then becoming mired in a rut or same-sounding groove. Rather, when listeners go through a “Best of” release, what they will hear between tracks like “Skulls of Doom”, “Code of Honor”, and “Last Time” is an artist that continually keeps things interesting while putting forth his entire self with each nanosecond of music.

Many music fans may have missed Kamileon up to this point, but his compositions speak to the diversity and complexity of today’s music scene. Where most of the tracks that we here at NeuFutur have heard fit largely into the electronic or a R&B-styled backing beat, Kamileon lets listeners see the nucleus of his influences – bits and pieces of tracks could fit in nicely to a Young Money song, the latest West Coast joint, or even a more out-there type of rock band (3OH!3, Shwayze, or even LMFAO). Where there definitely is something to be said about artists that can weave a number of songs around a narrowly-defined set of influences or genres, the fact that Kamileon can take from such a wide array of different artists and musicians speaks volumes to his skill.

This eclectic streak reflects in no small way the numerous forces working on Kamileon throughout his period as an artist. Whether it be through sating his creative side through a variety of different programs, both formal or tweaked for that particular use, there is a cogent idea and theme present in every composition. Hints of his native Cincinnati and the sheer hectic nature of a college campus can be heard in “Far East Shade” and “Valkyr’s Dream”, while there seems to be a more youthful, positive outlook in “I’m In Love” and “My Fantasy”.

While there seems to be a more trippy, ambient feel to some of the tracks that Kamileon cuts, there is always an individual that is clear-headed and dedicated to his craft. While artists claim that syrup or pot represents creative Nirvana, Kamileon showcases a moderation that makes each track that much more focused. In the way that rappers like 50 Cent and Ludacris can transfer their creative energies to the celluloid screen, Kamileon is able to come forth and assume whatever role that he sets out to adopt.
For those individuals that wish to see exactly what Kamileon is working on, and how he differs from his previous efforts, hit up his Myspace ( ) , his IM Radio ( http:// ), or his My Music Site ( ). Keep an eye out for any live dates that he may be playing, and make sure to favorite the Myspace to stay abreast of all of his new tracks and further goings on.

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