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“Knuckles and Nipples”, the band (and the disc’s) theme, comes through with a fury that initially begins with a very growling, Doom-like vocal quality to MC Homeless’ vocals. In “Your Taste In Music Sucks”, the band does really not allow itself enough to really get out and construct an distinct sound for their track. The song is really just a car crash before the occupants could get up to full speed. Now, with “Tough as Shit”, Knuckles and Nipples can actually come up with something that has all the trimmings of an interesting song. Knuckles and Nipples do not necessarily need the most intricate and difficult arrangements to get their listeners involved, but really tend to go through to the other side of things and use their music as a blunt force, knocking their listeners cold.

The track is the longest on this album – almost two minutes – and more of the tracks here need to have this length to really give listeners a proper grounding in what the band is and what they do. This six track EP is under six minutes in full runtime; Knuckles and Nipples (even with what has been said) actually give listeners a hint to the inner workings of the band’s mind. It is during a song like “Tough As Shit” where Maria’s guitar really gets the time it needs to shine; there is material present during the track that really stands out even considering the high amount of chaos that is present on ever second of every track. The guitar work during the disc really seems to work best on repetition, something that is further reflected in MC Homeless’ vocals.

Finishing the disc with “Tsunami Dreams”, the multiple layers of vocals that assault the listeners provide a vocal equivalent to the brutal forces of a tsunami; different waves break against structures to cause the most damage. Things that the band needs to work on; getting a few more in the way of songs, getting those song to a disc, and coming out with a fifteen or sixteen song assault that will serve two purposes; to delight fans and also give a greater introduction to the band for those individuals that have not heard Knuckles and Nipples yet. The recording is shaky at places but all the output is sincere, a factor that makes any technological limitations dissolve in the face of blind rage and fury.

Top Track: Tough As Shit

Rating: 6.5/10

Knuckles and Nipples – S/T / 2006 Self / 6 Tracks / / Reviewed 28 January 2006


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