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Social network games tend to be something of a breed all their own. Truthfully, I can barely tolerate the vast majority of them. However, I am aware that my opinion is the minority when it comes to this subject, and I cannot deny that these pseudo video games have a big market. The newest of these games Space Empires: Battle for Galactic Supremacy, sticks to familiar formulas and really doesn’t bring much to the table that Space Wars (another Facebook game) doesn’t already have aside from a chatbox, which provides some fun.

In Space Empires you are tasked with developing a planet which will be home to the race of being you select, I went the ones that look bad ass and are described as being blindly murderous over their religious beliefs. From there you start a very lengthy and slow building process, constructing mines and schools on your planet, and being too new to really do anything exciting. The waiting comes from the fact that each building takes anywhere from 3 minutes to a few hours or more to build, leaving you with nothing to do in the mean time. Its a very similar set up to cooking in Zynga’s Cafe World, only its tiny pictures of space stuff instead of food and the names are all hard to pronounce on your first try.

I mentioned the chat box earlier, and like most Facebook games the social aspect is woven heavily into game play. Your second through fourth missions are to recruit your friends to be members of your planet (read as bug your friends to also play the game). There is also a global leader board, and I’m told that in time there will be real time battles. The real time battles tickle my interest, but for the most part this game is nothing even remotely new.

If you like Facebook games (thousands upon thousands of people love them) and you like semi cheesy sci-fi, you may very well enjoy this game thoroughly. If you are impatient at all though, and if you like to see video games that offer original concepts, then this is most likely not the game for you. You could easily get the same experience from any of the multitude of facebook games that are already out of Beta and have become well developed.

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