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Everyday Black Man is a movie that looks to break the mold created by thirty-plus years of African-American cinema and really establish a crossover hit with an extremely proficient crew. Moses Stanton (Henry Brown, Baywatch Nights) is the owner of a local neighborhood store, and takes in an individual that looks to have the same feelings regarding racial uplift as ey does (Omari Hardwick, from TV’s Dark Blue). When Moses’ daughter Claire (Tessa Thompson, Blue Belle) falls in love with Malik, facts slowly start coming out about eir true intentions and motivations.

Loving eir daughter, Moses has to figure out a way to remove the poisonous Malik from the equation without hurting Claire’s feelings or getting into some life-threatening danger. While the film is located in an African-American community, the film achieves its crossover success due to the ability of viewers to find individuals like those captured in Everyday Black Man in their own neighborhood.

While every part of the crew turns in a stellar performance, special kudos have to be given to Carmen Madden’s direction (The First Power). Scenery plays a great deal in the creation of characters as well as allowing a narrative to be weaved through the different time periods and generations. Go to your local, well-stocked video store or online video hut (Amazon and Half both have it in stock) and pick up a copy of Everyday Black Man at your earliest convenience.

Rating: 7.6/10

Everyday Black Man (DVD) / 2011 Entertainment One / 105 Minutes /

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