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Montreal’s 3rd annual Blankfest Quebec is proud to announce it has raised over 700 winter clothing items for Montreal’s homeless with proceeds going to the Old Brewery Mission.

“I’m so proud of this city and all the people from our community who came together to help those in need, every year Blankfest Quebec grows and I want to thank everyone who helped along the way to make this the most successful Blankfest Quebec to date.” commented event organizer Jon Asher.

Last year’s total collection was just over 650 winter clothing items, with this year’s total being 714, this brings Blankfest Quebec’s complete collection for Montreal’s homeless to nearly 2,000 winter clothing items.

This year’s official collection numbers are as follows:

TOTAL: 714

Shirts: 259
Sweaters: 90
Pants: 107
Socks: 5 pairs
Winter Coats: 59
Blankets: 26
Tuques: 66
Mittens / Gloves: 25 pairs
Scarves: 47

About Blankfest Quebec III:

This year’s 3rd annual Blankfest Quebec was hosted at Katacombes (1635 St-Laurent) on February 25th with a special guest performance from NYC’s Blankfest founder Kenn Rowell and his band, The Baghdaddios. The night included performances from local repeat supporters Vinyl Hero, Emery Street, The In n Outs, and newcomers Kill Matilda from Vancouver.

Montreal’s winter months are known for having temperatures well below zero and those who are homeless run the risk of frostbite and possible death due to overexposure. Blankfest Quebec, in cooperation with the Old Brewery Mission, aims to aid those who are less fortunate and keeps the homeless warm while living on the streets.

Blankfest Quebec is organized by Jon Asher, in collaboration with the Old Brewery Mission, and was launched after Jon read about his friend, New York City indie rock veteran Kenn Rowell of The Baghdaddios, who founded Blankfest in 1997 and has been organizing the annual blanket fundraiser in New York City for the past 13 years.

In the past, Rowell says, Blankfest NYC has raised more than 6,000 total donations that have been distributed to the homeless in the New York City area and has inspired similar efforts in New Jersey, Manhattan and Nottingham, UK. Among the many distinguished artists who have performed at past international Blank-Fests are: Rothberg (EMI), Buddy Cage (Grateful Dead), Marc Rizzo (Soulfly) and Meg Griffin (Sirius Radio).

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