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Prolab is one of the best known names in fitness today, and it is due to the fact that they create such needed supplements. Their Amino Gel-Caps product is a focused supplement that will ensure the preservation of lean muscle even through the most grueling workout. While it is true that good nutrition will provide an individual with a good deal of amino acids, these Gel-Caps will make it that people will not be running at any sort of deficiency. This supplement contains a considerable amount of sixteen different types of amino acids, all captured in a three softgel serving size that does not provide too much in the way of fat (although providing 4% of an individual’s daily protein requirement).

After using this supplement for a month, I was able to utterly ravage my body with each workout and feel better, healthier, and avoid the overall soreness and malaise associated with such severe and intense workouts. I believe that the Amino Gel-Caps were the largest reason behind, this; the month before had a few times in which I had to actually work at a level below my limit just to ensure that I could get back on the elliptical on my off-training days.

Make sure to do your research about what amino acids will do for you, and search out the 200 gelcap package from well-stocked fitness supplement stores (The Vitamin Shoppe, for example). I believe that they, coupled alongside good supplementation and diet, will be what breaks you out of any rut and will allow you to take your regimen to the next level.

Rating: 9.0/10

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