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Hailing from Detroit “Imminent Sonic Destruction” members are Tony Piccoli (Vocals and guitar) Pat DeLeon ( Drums) Pete Hopersberger (Keyboards) Bryan Paxton (Bass) and Scott Thompson (Main Vocals and Guitar). With producer Roy Z (Halford, Bruce Dickinson) have recorded their debut album “Recurring Themes.” Tony Piccoli, the founder and driving force of this band has put together some of Detroit’s best musicians. Pat Delon has toured with “Dream Theater” Paxton has played with local metal bands in the Detroit area.

Hopersberger played with “Space Nelson”. Scott Thompson has some of the best vocals you will ever hear. Everything about this release is polished and professionally done. The vocals are crisp, clear and powerful. The guitars are out of this world and the drums are explosive. DeLeon puts a lot of other drummers to shame. Roy Z has done a fantastic job producing this CD with quality showing through every song.

If you like “Dream Theater”, you are going to love “Imminent Sonic Destruction”. Throw in a little “Strapping Young Lad” And you get the idea of their sound. Fans of progressive rock, metal and good straight forward rock will all find something to love. “Driving Home”, the opening track at 10+ minutes is an excellent song to start out with. The melodies are haunting and beautiful with just enough guitar to pull you in.

The second track “Monster” continues with more of a harder sound. Every song on this release packs a punch! The last track “Raven” Is over 17 minutes long folks! And worth every second. “Imminent Sonic Destruction” is highly recommended and your ears will thank you!

The full-length album “Recurring Themes” is now available for pre-order. It is set for official release on February 24th, 2012. If you pre-order your copy today the band will sign each copy.

Imminent Sonic Destruction – “Recurring Themes” CD Release Show
wsg Radar Pilot , Quick Ritual & Switchline
Friday, Feb 24, 2012 8:00 PM EST Doors
The Magic Bag, Ferndale, MI

rating 10/10 This thing goes to 11

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