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Exciter speed metal’s bad boys from Ottawa Canada released “Death Machine” the group’s tenth album way back in 2010 and it’s finally coming to North America almost a year and a half later. Band members are John Ricci – guitars Kenny Winter – vocals Rik Charron – drums Clammy – bass.

This is a band that’s been around for a long time and have managed to keep their original style in tact. They have maturity and it shows their music has a lot of range coupled with an early Metal garage band quality recording. It’s like discovering a long lost recording buried in your uncles attic from the early eighties. “Death Machine” Is recorded in Analog. (Ask the Foo Fighters about Analog and their success) This gives the recording a sound reminiscent of when Metal was still king. The guitars have that long lost metal sound straight out of 1985.

True hardcore fans of speed metal will recognize the influences of Judas Priest , Accept and U.D.O. especially in the vocals. “Death Machine” is the perfect song for the opening track, it will grab you by the balls with it’s all out aggressiveness it’s an energetic performance that will have you looking to jump into the closest mosh pit. The way this song comes at you with it’s fast paced chords and drumming will hit you hard. You will be singing “Death Machine” for days especially towards the end with the chanting of “Death” also near the end is an impressive guitar solo that finishes the intense track out perfectly. My favorite track “Hellfire” has more of the bands branding it exemplifies Exciter and sets them apart from all the other Heavy Metal bands out there. The solo here is out of this world building a strong foundation for some strong and faster chords along with a fantastic drum performance and vocals that fit together nicely!

The last track “Skull Breaker,” has an excellent two-minute guitar solo that closes out this forty minute flashback to the 80′s in grandiose style!
If you enjoy old school, 80s “Speed” Metal that is done right, you must check out “Death Machine”.

Great old school metal recommended Rating 8.5/10


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