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This movie is absolutely crazy. Where The Dead Go To Die focuses on a group of children that are hounded (literally) by a talking dog named Labby. Labby takes them on a number of adventures, many of which go beyond our dimension and time. Along the way, there is a tremendous amount of gore, nudity, and all the things that make a film great. The filmmakers tasked with making Where The Dead Go To Die reality have chosen to provide viewers with a CG-heavy title. I believe that this makes for a much more surreal experience than would be present with a straight film/DV style of shooting. Jimmy ScreamerClauz’s inclusion of a “dream addict” that shoots up memories and dreams is an interesting twist and represents some of the glue that ties these disparate events and stories together. I would like to see how Jimmy’s filmmaking style expands and changes in the years to come. Fans of Tim and Eric or of Troma films will find more than material in Where The Dead Go To Die; I venture that even fans of Xavier, Renegade Angel will dig this.

I believe that viewers will need to watch Where The Dead Go To Die a number of times before fully understanding what Unearthed has placed onto Blu-Ray. The footage here is sharp and allows for immersion in the storyline, while the film still goes and tears at viewers’ minds. Unearthed has released this on three formats – VHS, DVD, and Blu-Ray. As each of these versions only has 100 copies, one would do well to pick it up immediately; I can see Where The Dead Go To Die gaining status as a cult film in the years and decades to come.

Rating: 9.3/10

Where The Dead Go To Die (Blu-Ray) / 2012 Unearthed Films / 95 Minutes /

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