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The blend of rap and soul that begins Everybody is something that is utterly unique, and it shows The Higher Concept an act that would work equally well on R&B, rap, and pop radio stations. The multiple vocalists that are introduced to listeners through this introductory track ensure that the momentum is running high as the disc continues to spin. When It’s Over begins with a heartfelt guitar line that will immediately tattoo itself on the mind and hearts of listeners, while the linkages between the rap and emotive vocals create for a much more varied track.

This eclectic nature provides considerable replay value for the band, and means that listeners will have little idea where the act will go on subsequent tracks. Hittin the Road is a late-disc track that keeps the same high quality and catchy sound as was presented on the earlier regions of Everybody. The slight Latin influence added to the track by the horns makes the Linkin Park-styled delivery of the vocals hit that much harder. While The Higher Concept shines throughout Everybody, I would personally love to hear the band take to the live stage.

I believe the sheer energy and expansive sound that is achieved on Everybody would be that more impressive in this format. Those interested in cutting-edge bands would do well to pick up a copy of Everybody; the never-ending array of styles and influences that the band pulls from allows the band to provide something for everyone. Give their website a spin for the latest in news about the act, and to see the direction that the act spins off on with subsequent releases. I know this will stay in our players through the fall.

Top Tracks: Hittin the Road, They Used To Say

Rating: 8.3/10

The Higher Concept – Everybody (CD) / 2012 Self / 14 Tracks /

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