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reaking Glass Pictures is proud to announce the December 11 DVD release of The Falls (SRP $24.99). Reminiscent of The Seminarian and Latter Days, The Falls is the story of two young Mormon men beginning to question just what it means to be faithful to God while being true to themselves. Ultimately, it illuminates one basic truth: that love is not a sin.


R.J. and Chris were born and raised in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Now known as Elder Smith and Elder Merrill, both have pretty girlfriends, were Eagle Scouts, and have perfect academic records. Now, it’s their turn to serve a mission and experience the Mormon rite of passage.


Unknown to them, serving a mission will not only open the doors to strangers’ households – where they preach the Gospel and experience point of views they never expected  – but it will open up secrets in their own lives – and feelings that they’ve long kept buried.


The Falls captures the lives of two young men struggling to make sense of the conflict between their worlds, their desires, and each other. What they ultimately discover is a challenge to them both, but also an affirmation of the human spirit.



The Falls (Official Trailer)
The Falls (Official Trailer)


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The Falls has played at the Mix Mexico International Film Festival, Outview, the Vancouver Queer Film Fest, and is scheduled to play Seattle Gay and Lesbian Film Fest, Rochester Gay and Lesbian Film Festival, Tampa Gay and Lesbian Festival, and Atlanta Gay and Lesbian Festival before its DVD debut.


“Director Jon Garcia has crafted a quiet, intimate film that truly expresses the love, desire and conflict between the two talented leads. The Falls is an amazing, assured debut film,” said Richard Ross, Breaking Glass Co-President.


The DVD release will come complete with an exclusive behind-the-scenes featurette showcasing the director and stars in their creative process during the making of The Falls.


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