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I always thought that The Snorks were one of the strongest kids shows of the eighties, and that this cartoon never got the love that it truly deserved. The video quality of the episodes captured here is extremely sharp; I would contend that the transfer is miles above what individuals would have seen during its original air date. The audio is sharp, ensuring that viewers can have an immersive experience whenever they decide to pop in the DVD. The Snorks was a perfect example of a childrens’ show that did not get overly preachy or overbearing in teaching morals. While episodes did end with a message, there was more than enough action and intrigue to keep viewers focused in for the full episode.

Make sure to pick up The Complete First Season of The Snorks for holiday or gift giving purposes; this will ensure that Warner will continue to release additional seasons of this show and other cartoons that they undoubtedly have in the vault. The cost of this first season – a hair over $13 on, is extraordinarily cheap. Give the aforementioned link a spin, as they continually update their inventory with some great forgotten titles.

Rating: 9.4/10

The Snorks – The Complete First Season (DVD Set) / 2012 Warner Archive / 286 Minutes /

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