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Dada Trash Collage started in 2009 as the experimental electronic pop music of William Freed. Since that time they have self-released 7 full-length records, 3 EPs, a 45 min film, and have been recognized by publications ranging from the smallest of underground music blogs, to NME, and the Village Voice.

Originally trained as a bassist, William Freed spent 7 years in jazz bands, toured internationally as part of a Madrigal Choir, and another 5 as an orchestral double bassist, debuting his first orchestra piece for double bass, cello, viola, first, and second violin before the age of 17. It was those early years in jazz and soul that informed the direction of his newest effort as Dada Trash Collage, the 6 song Can’t Pause People EP. With tastes of inspiration from the early years of Miles Davis, and sonic experiments of Stevie Wonder, to the Neo-soul movement of the 90’s, and modern Avant-Garde, Can’t Pause People is 25 minutes of analog synths, intricate beats, soulful harmonies, and passionate vocals.

Can’t Pause People EP
Release Date: February 26, 2013

1. Up And Down
2. Comes Out Right
3. Shaking This Boat
4. Do My Worst
5. Desire To Be
6. Can’t Pause People

Release Show
March 5, 2013
Dada Trash Collage w/ Run DMT
The Silent Barn
Brooklyn, NY

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