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This 2011 title from Israel may seem foreign (the Hebrew language used  may be part of it), but Off White Lies speaks to the feelings of loneliness and continual misplacement that are common in one’s teen years. Libby is forced to move to Israel with eir father, Shaul as the second Lebanon war begins. Thrown into a tumultuous life with Shaul (who is homeless at the onset of Off White Lies), Libby eventually explodes and threatens to shake up the lifestyle which ey and eir father have. While the father may not be an shining example of good parenting, viewers will easily be avble to recall the time in their lives when they felt separated or otherwise alone during the time that they spent with their parents.

Film Movement’s release of this DVD comes with Catherine the Great, a short film by up and coming director Maya Kenig. The two titles could not be more distinct, as the scraping by aspect of Shaul is a direct opposite to the exploitation of Catherine, a Moldovan that is given what ey believes to be a great opportunity in Tel Aviv.

The visual quality of the DVD ensures that viewers will not have any difficulty understanding the specific decisions made in set design, while the subtitles are on point and will decrease the probability of viewer confusion. One can purchase a stream or a copy of Off White Lies on the Film Movement website. Check this website out for more information regarding the company’s films, releases, and 2013 slate.

Rating : 8.6/10

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