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The amount of protein-containing supplements that are offered is substantial, ensuring that individuals have to put in their fair share of education before picking out the one that is best for them. The Pro-NOS protein released by MRI should be given a serious look, as it contains a set of ingredients that will build muscle, reduce the amount of lean muscle that is catabolized, and keeps the overall health of the individual supplementing with the product high. Each scoop of Pro-NOS can be included in even the most restrictive diets, measuring in at 145 calories, 6% RDA fat, and a full 21 grams of protein. High amounts of Calcium (15%) and Vitamin A (2%) ensure that one will not be deficient no matter how intense their workouts may be.

The decision of MRI to include Fraction Technology in the Pro-NOS is brilliant;  the supplement only contains those protein fragments that will ultimately be converted into muscle. By taking this step, MRI has ensured that one’s gains from the Pro-NOS protein are substantially greater than traditional types of whey isolates. This protein  also increases the amount of Nitric Oxide that is present in one’s body, providing additional pump and keeping individuals strong through the entirety of their workout. The miscibility of the Pro-NOS is impressive, ensuring that those supplementing with the protein will be given a silky-smooth drink each time they pour up a shake.

The Pro-NOS protein comes in a number of flavors – Banana Cream, Cookies and Crème, French Vanilla Crème, and Dutch Chocolate Royale. The Pro-NOS can be purchased for about $36 for 3 pounds at any online supplement retailer. Make sure to visit the MRI website for more information regarding the Pro-NOS and the rest of the products that they produce.

Rating: 8.6/10

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Pro-NOS Whey Protein Review

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