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Italian thrash/melodic-death metallers Roots Of Pain sign a deal with Memorial Records for the release of their debut album entitled “Countdown To Armageddon” which will be available from april 18th on all digital stores. The first comment of the band about the new songs and the concept:

This album represents our restart point and a goal achieved with patience and dedication.The recordings brought us together even more as a band, the album gave us the strength to continue to look forward towards our goals, overcoming our obstacles and personal challenges. Our greatest satisfaction consist in being able to mix our different musical influences into a coherent mix of thrash, hardcore and death metal, without neglecting the melodic component. “Countdown To Armageddon” tells the story of an era, the fifth era of the Mayan civilization, their prophecies and how they have brought our world and our society to decay. A countdown began thousands of years ago that has marked the passage of time to the present day”.

Trailer available at:

The tracklist of “Countdown To Armageddon”:
01 Mayan Truth
02 Cyanotic Aurora
03 Epitaph From The Ancients
04 The Seventh Page
05 Reverse Chrysopoeia
06 Queen Earth’s Revenge
07 Shadow Of Cain
08 Cerebral Disorder
09 The Last Breath Before Doomsday
10 Oblivion

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