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What is continually surprising about the various DC animated features that are released a few times during the year are how close the storylines match up to comic book lore. Superman Unbound is a tale that links together the wider Superman family (Kara), Brainiac and the original power couple – Clark / Lois. The cast is collected from some of the best acting on television today – Matt Bomer (White Collar) is Clark / Superman, Stana Katic (Castle) is Lois Lane and Molly Quinn (Castle, as well) is Supergirl.

Brainiac is a great villain choice for Superman Unbound. Where many of Superman’s foes work on eir weakmness to Kryptonite (Lex Luthor) , magic, or pure strength (Doomsday), Brainiac is the only sentient being that possesses intelligence at a level approximating (or even exceeding) that of Superman. While there is more than enough in the way of brute force expressed during Superman Unbound, the logic and overall specificity of Superman’s vanquishing of Brainiac showcases that Superman is an unrivaled force in the DC Universe. It is Superman’s humanity that ultimately saves the day, and the theme of Superman Unbound surrounds the closeness that Superman has with both Earth and Kryptonian families and those ey has met in Metropolis.

The combo pack that Warner Bros. is releasing for Superman Unbound contains a Blu-Ray, DVD, and Ultraviolet version of the feature. The title can be purchased on May 7th from any comic book or video store or from a wide selection of online retailers. Check out Justice League: The Flashpoint Paradox when it is released on July 30th.

Rating: 8.7/10

Superman Unbound Blu-Ray Combo Pack Review / 2013 Warner Bros / http://www.wbshop.comimages

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