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On a good month, we receive about 10 different action / martial arts titles. There are a number of companies that focus on providing these movies for the English market. Many of them are atrocious, but Woochi Demon Slayer is so much better than the average action fare that it is not funny. The key reason for this distinction comes in the quality of the script; the plot will gradually come into focus as viewers continue to focus in on the film. Woochi originally lived in the period of the Chosun dynasty and was forced into a magical scroll until the current period. In modern South Korea, Woochi is tasked with vanquishing a set of evil goblins. A love story showcases a variety of motivations for Woochi; the film is able to rocket to a conclusion a hair before two hours elapse.

Shout Factory has provided a number of bonus features with their release of Woochi Demon Slayer. This means that alongside the feature (in both Korean and English), there are featurettes that go behind the scenes to showcase the sheer difficulty in the creation of the film (running a total of 25 minutes), a set of deleted scenes that provide further context for Woochi’s motivations, and even a set of interviews with the cast and the crew tasked with making this story a silver screen reality. Purchase a copy of Woochi Demon Slayer from your local well-stocked video store or from a whole slew of online retailers. While this is an action film, I feel that the title’s ability to further a narrative will be appreciated by the widest possible set of viewers.

Rating: 9.4/10

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