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Alpha Rev has evolved their sound considerably since 2010’s New Morning, a fact that is immediately evident with the one-two punch of Lexington and Crystal Colorado. With an ample momentum created by these initial tracks, Sing Long resounds with a tenderness and intense allure. There is an epic sound that resounds through the entirety of this track, with instrumental and vocal elements uniting to create something decidedly greater than the sum of their parts.

Black Sky is a bit of Americana that links classic performers like Simon & Garfunkel and John Melloncamp with a more contemporary, Dave Matthews meets Bright Eyes type of sound. Eden Home is a late-track effort that keeps listeners focused in. There is a sense of fancy that is weaved through this track, with each subsequent lyric imprinting itself in the minds and hearts of listeners. You Belong is the final track on Bloom, and it maintains relevance through the sheer dedication of the band. The overall feel of You Belong is reminiscent of Want One-era Rufus Wainwright, while the track itself has enough in common with the band’s preceding efforts to place an emphatic exclamation point on Bloom.

Make sure to check out the band’s website for more information regarding their new tracks, tour dates, and the video and pictures that they put up. Bloom is Alpha Rev’s finest album, and is a title that any fan of indie rock should immediately search out.

Top Tracks: Crystal Colorado, When You Gotta Run

Rating: 7.9/10

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