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The Water Village has just released a self-titled album, which can be purchased at a variety of online retailers (which include Spotify, iTunes, and Amazon). The first single released off of “The Water Village”, The Potato Song, showcases the instrumental and vocal sides of The Water Village. This soft bit of pop music looks to break a number of the assumptions about what music is and what it can do. I feel that listeners will be able to experience The Water Village’s music in a substantially different fashion than typical pop music. The compositions on The Potato Song – along with the bulk of the music on “The Water Village” is exquisitely detailed, requiring a number of listens before listeners can hear everything that was presented them.

The mythical idea of The Water Village – a city that was said to have existed between Greenland and Iceland – is represented in the band’s music. There is a fantastical element to A Sailor that will lift listeners throughout the rest of the album. The album concludes with Wintercoffee Song; this track not only concludes the album, but provides listeners with some idea about where the act can ultimately go on subsequent recordings. Topping the scales at over five minutes, Wintercoffee Song ends “The Water Village” emphatically. The album may end before the forty-minute mark, but listeners will be forever changed by the variety of styles, influences, and overall tones that the act takes.

The Water Village’s website has lyrics, a store, and Japanese localization. Keep an eye on this website, the band’s Facebook (, and visit their Soundcloud ( for a chance to hear the music of “The Water Village.” Give the band’s music a spin and comment this post!

Our favorite tracks on “The Water Village” are The Potato Song, Sun and Moon, and Once Like Us.


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