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Why are there no casino games on the PS3?

In the modern day it is a well known that adults enjoy playing on the PS3 as much as their kids, yet there seems to be an untapped market of games for adults. By this I mean casino games. Many games offer an insight into the world of casinos offering the odd section playing poker or blackjack in a saloon. However there are no games that offer the full casino experience. So many games touch upon gambling yet non of them have committed to creating a full on casino game.  This may be in part to needing a licence similar to many casino sites like these have. This license is required to be a legitimate gambling company.

It may prove a popular idea to offer a game whereby the gamer can control an onscreen character and walk up and down a casino, ordering drinks, playing slots, sitting down at a poker table or playing roulette, building up a reputation as a high roller on the Vegas strip, or going one step to far and having to build your fortune again. All of this would allow the gamer to experience the thrill of a casino without actually betting real money. Perhaps seeing the effects of winning and loosing in a virtual world will provide some with those high and low feelings many high rollers have felt before.

One game that currently is available is ‘High Stakes’, a game that offers 5 variations of poker, but they’re all hold ’em variations: Billabong, Shanghai, Tahoe, super hold ’em, and, of course, Texas hold ’em. The lack of classic games such as black jack, roulette and other casino favourites from sites like let this game down. However until somebody commits to creating a complete casino game ‘High Stakes’ may be the best bet. Until that day we will have to make do with the odd casino experience we can gain from games such as Red Dead Redemption.

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