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Giant Flying Turtles are an act that blends a wide array of different genres and styles in the creation of an utterly unique album. Run for Your Life has the Giant Flying Turtles take up the countenance of seventies rock, tying a strong set of vocals with pleasant guitars and on-point drum and synth work. Utterly ready for radio rotation, GFT is able to keep things going well with Keep My Dream Alive. This track will appease fans of rockabilly and sixties rock, while the vocals link together Reel Big Fish and the B-52s. A piano line makes the track absolutely twinkle; all constituent elements of the band are able to create something special.

Carniverous Flowers is a track that will take a number of listens to truly get. The dense arrangements will appease fans of progressive rock and metal (Jethro Tull, Yes, Pendragon), while still having enough of a rock shell to keep a wide swath of fans happy. Faithless takes up hints of Irish rock (Bloody Irish Boys, Great Big Sea) and links the style to early sixties teenage rock. This mélange of styles is great, keeping listeners on the edges of their seats.

The band is able to make each of the cuts on this self-titled element work together, despite the array of disparate elements that are weaved into this release. Make it a point to visit the Giant Flying Turtles’ main domain or their ReverbNation for examples of their music. This album rocks throughout, and any fan of music will be able to find something that they like here.

Top Tracks: Up Again Blue Sky, Run for Your Life

Rating: 8.7/10

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