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We received two cans of the SuperMonk Belgian IPA for review, and wanted to taste the beer over a length of time to see whether the same sort of flavors were present. The beer pours nicely, with a nice copper/orange body. The lacing that is present is an off-white and about a finger’s thick and remains through the entirety of the beer.

A citrus meets floral nose will immediately entice imbibers, while the initial sip of SuperMonk yields a strong hop bite. This bite is moderated by the presence of a sweet, almost candi sugar flavor. One may not typically associate these two disparate styles, but SanTan is able to make this work. The beer is focused and remains so as the beer gets warmer; one will be rewarded with the same set of flavors no matter where they are at with the beer.

A 6-pack of SuperMonk IPA can be purchased from online retailers for about $9. Make sure to visit the SanTan Brewing website ( ) for more information about the brewery’s year-round and seasonal efforts. Let us know what you thought about the SuperMonk Belgian IPA.

Rating: 8.2/10


Supermonk Belgian IPA / 6.5% ABV / SanTan Brewing Company /

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