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The piano that opens up “8 AM” is very emotional, and works perfectly in highlighting the vocals that ultimately take off after. The Summer Obsession have a single after thirty seconds in “8 AM”, and while the band is not coming forth with something that is cutting-edge and revolutionary, they still come out with a style that individuals can get behind. The multiple layers of vocals during “8 AM” is yet another reason to keep an eye on this band; furthermore, the interesting use of time signatures during the opening track does distinguish them from other bands that are currently out on the market. “Disappear” is a track that is interesting, if not for the fact that the opening guitar line sounds as if the band has mixed equal parts Weezer and Def Leppard.

The vocals are as far removed from the two styles the individuals wonder if it is the same track, but the chorus comes up and brings the band into what has to be their second single. The band is pop-emo/punk as all get out, but like Simple Plan and Sum 41, there is something compelling to The Summer Obsession that will make it easy to love everything that the band does. While this disc came out a few months ago, I have little doubt that the band will not be the next SR-71 or Wakefield; the next album will see these kids go out and cut single after single. The band is even able to throw in a little HelloGoodbye to their overall sound at points during “This is Where You Belong”.

This album will for sure be in my CD player for the rest of this next summer; each of the 12 tracks on the disc brings something new to the band, while at the same time, enough is present to make the band glitter like gold and be compelling to anyone that listens in. The years that Chris Wilson has spend in Good Charlotte has tempered much of the music in The Summer Obsession; this is in regards to the quality of the band’s music on “This Is Where You Belong”; while both acts have the same genre, they sound quite different. “Do You Remember” was the single off of this album, and while it did not chart on the U.S. Hot 100, “This Is Where You Belong” is an album that is head and shoulders beyond what else was on the charts at the time. The Summer Obsession, please stay together and cut another album; chances are good that the listening public will give you the time you rightfully deserve.

Top Tracks: 8 AM, Disappear

Rating: 8.5/10



The Summer Obsession – This Is Where You Belong / 2006 Virgin / 12 Tracks / / / Reviewed 29 April 2007

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