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Dr. Clive Brooks is Amberfern, and AquaEssence is a collection of tracks that he has created to elicit the sounds and experiences that one has when they are on a beach. From Avon Beach to the disc’s final track, Calm Waters Home, Amberfern has deftly created a release that will elicit memories of days spent on the boardwalk, playing around a swimming hole, or bobbing around in the ocean. At a hair over an hour, AquaEssence contains considerable variation under the aegis of a unitary theme. Rhythm of the Sea maintains a cautious tempo whole providing those experiencing the track with a rich set of sounds.

Avon Beach provides listeners with a rough sketch of the styles and approaches that Amberfern will be taking over the course of AquaEssence. The track starts off slowly and adds other elements to the mix. There are distinct and clear movements to this composition, but the beauty of this track is that Amberfern is able to use each precedent part as a foundation for what is to follow. This is done in each track and as the whole of AquaEssence, ensuring that the disc is much stronger of an effort as a result.

Across the Blue Bay is a late-album track that maintains the same high commitment to quality as efforts like Underwater World or Sirens; the quicker approach of this track provides listeners with the energy that they need to listen to the last few tracks on AquaEssence. Make sure to pick this title up from any online or physical storefront that stocks new age releases.

Top Tracks: Avon Beach, Rhythm of the Sea, Across the Blue Bay

Rating: 8.7/10

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