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Many of the extra tools that come with household shavers attempt to allow individuals to detail their nose, eyebrows, and neckline. However, I feel that Wahl’s Lighted Detailer is able to have a single, unitary focus and succeeds at providing individuals with shapely necklines, brows, and sideburns at a very approachable price (the detailer is available online for around $15-20).The detailer is powered through one AA battery, and has a slew of different heads to allow individuals the greatest ability to form and otherwise obliterate some of the more pesky hair growths that may have cropped up.

The rotary head demolishes nose hair, while the included light provides the ability to properly denude the nostrils. The detail head is incredibly sharp and will remove hair indiscriminately – make sure to utilize the eyebrow guide to provide some form and direction. The reciprocating head is a solid inclusion, as it provides adequate sharpness to deal with unibrow and toe/knuckle hair issues. The battery life ensures that one will be able to conduct all their grooming for an ample amount of time before having to swap out batteries. Visit the Wahl website for more information about the company’s product offerings, to register the Wahl products that you have purchased, and a listing of all of the promotions which the company is currently offering. The Wahl Lighted Detailer would be a perfect holiday or birthday purchase for anyone that prides themselves on a sharp look – the product will last for years before one would even have to consider replacing it.

Rating: 9.5/10

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